It's not only a visiting to the wonderful World Heritage site, but also experience and enjoy five-star services aboard of luxurious and cozy cruise with a voyage to a more peaceful area Lan Ha Bay.

Blue Diamond Cruise


Blue Diamond cruise is the newest property of Crystal Holidays., JSC. With 25 wood-paneled cabins, it has been designed for your utmost comfort and your home from home on the emerald waters.  Lan Ha Bay, the peaceful area of the Ha Long Bay region, is quieter than its counterparts. Without concentrated mass tourism, overloaded entertainment/party cruises and floating shop boats with sellers eager to promote their wares to passing trade, Lan Ha is an exotic world where the water and the karst landscape live side by side in yin yang harmony. It is no surprise that Lan Ha Bay became an official member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) in May 2020 thanks to its untouched and poetic beauty. 

Cruising around and between some of the bay’s beautiful 400 limestone islands and islets which rise from the water in all shapes and sizes, Blue Diamond cruise is your chance to do as much or as little as you like. Whether you are after some ‘me’ time to simply relax on the top deck, or take to the water with a spot of kayaking or be rowed in a sampan to explore the bay’s famous Dark-Bright cave with this glorious inner lagoon... Let Blue Diamond cruise introduce you to one of Vietnam’s inspiring world heritage sites.

Life on Boat


Relax and rejuvenate in spacious and luxurious suites with fully comfortable amenities. All rooms have private balconies affording stunning views of the scenery along the voyage.

Savor exquisite cuisine at Ocean Restaurant on second floor or enjoy a glass of your favorite cocktail at third floor. Experience the quintessen of Vietnamese culinary while immersing yourself in the beauty of the wonderful bay.

Soak up some rays or take a dip in your outdoor jacuzzi to refresh your body as we float on the sea water and pass by breathtaking scenery of thousands of big and small limestone islets.

After a marvelous day of out-door activities, return to the ship and treat yourself to a bit of pampering with a spa or beneficize your physical health, mental well-being and overall relaxed state with sauna.

Start a new day with the graceful movements of Tai Chi, breathe in the fresh air of the bay and watch the sun rise over the sea on the sundeck.


Onboard activities but on this day, you will leave the cruise for a further discovery into the bay with kayak or a simple bamboo boat.

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